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Who this course suitable for

This is a mandatory course designed for security managers employed by airports, airlines, airline agents, in-flight caterers and cleaning contractors, who have direct managerial responsibilities for employees carrying out aviation security duties.

Learning Objectives

Information and guidance will be provided to enable attendees to appreciate and consider the wider security issues to fulfil their individual security roles and appreciate the roles of others. The course package includes a full set of course handouts. The learning format includes use of classroom instruction, group discussions and case studies alongside practical exercises, which incorporate hands-on training.

The course provides delegates with both background and specific knowledge of aviation security matters to enable them to implement the National Aviation Security Programme (NASP) effectively.

Course Content

Our security training follows the Department for Transport’s National Aviation Security Training Programme guidelines and incorporates: –

  • Threat to Aviation
  • International & National Objectives of Aviation Security and Legislation
  • Security Communications
  • Response to Security Incidents
  • Legal Powers, the Role of the Police and Incident Reporting
  • Maintaining Effective Security Awareness
  • Security Restricted Area (SRA) Access Control and Security – including a tour of SRA
  • Quality Control
  • Leading and Motivating Employees
  • Recognition of Firearms, Explosives, Incendiary Devices and Dangerous Goods
  • Role Specific Security
  • Airport Security
  • Aircraft Security
  • Air cargo Security
  • Air Cargo Security
  • In-Flight Supplies Security
  • Airport Supplies Security

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