Ground Security

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Who is this course suitable for:

Mandatory training for any operative employed to carry out any ground security activities.

Learning Objectives

To ensure that all trained operatives understand their roles and responsibilities, in relation to the security Restricted Area and the airport.

To provide ground security operatives at an airport with the relevant knowledge and skills to provide effective security, in accordance with legislation.

For ground security operatives to learn about the context and requirements within which they will operate.

Course Content

NOTE – much of this course will be developed to meet our client’s individual needs, and in line with the CAA requirements

  • Threat to aviation
  • The role of International and Government bodies and the legal requirements imposed on the aviation industry
  • General Security Awareness
  • Active shooter
  • Prohibited, Offensive and Dangerous items (POD)
  • Recognition of explosives firearms and dangerous goods
  • Explosive Trace Detection
  • Testing of liquids
  • Preparing people for security checks
  • Body search – inc WTMD, HHMD and wheelchairs
  • Bag search
  • Methods of Concealment
  • Using X-Ray Equipment/Conventional/Advanced X-Ray and NXCT
  • Body Scanners
  • Searching and patrolling of security restricted areas
  • Searching vehicles and supplies
  • Searching and checking of aircraft

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